Baher, Her Mind

Baher, Her Mind

Movie • 24 min 55 sec • Drama, Thriller, Action
Completed Mar 2016

A young woman thinks her husband has an affair with another woman. To find out the truth, she does some things that make her suspicious and doubtful. Due to mysterious events in the past and now, her mind becomes delusional and suspicious and she loses the line between happiness and unhappiness. To find the truth, she looks for signs everywhere and when she sees her fate in the coffee fortune telling, her mental world is destroyed and she suspects the people around her more

Because of her culture, economy, politics, and tradition, the Iranian woman has numerous doubts that do not let her have peace of mind. These doubts have caused a big pessimism in her life; pessimism about fate, love, and everything that goes around her. She must kill the demons in her mind every day but they come back to life again. Even the smile and happiness of her friends and her lover do not interest her and no surprise makes her astounded.



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